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1030 Wien 3. Bezirk Landstraße, 1010, 1020, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1090, 1100, 1110, 1120, 1130, 1140, 1150, 1160, 1170, 1180, 1190, 1200, 1210, 1220, 1230 Wien
Praxis für Physiotherapie Florian Schmidt
Praxis für PhysiotherapieFlorian Schmidt

Experience-Report from Thomas, 35, Bodyworker

Before I started with the Rebalancing Ten-Series I was already very curious and also a little excited about how this kind of bodywork would feel like. I had already heard a lot about it and was wondering about how the ten sessions would influence my posture. Furthermore, it was my concern to learn about the differences and similarities between Rolfing and Rebalancing.


During the first session I felt my ribs moving with more freedom, therefore my breath started to become deeper and easier. My whole chest got lengthened and my arms felt like hanging very loose on my shoulders. My Rebalancing therapist pointed out that I would always lift my forefeet while walking instead of letting them hang loosely on my lower legs. When going home after that first treatment I tried out the new foot posture and really felt like walking uprighter and prouder.


At the second session the Rebalancing therapist remarked that my ankle joints – caused by having flat/splayfeet – tended to tilt over to the medial direction. In addition my left leg was more outwardly rotated than my right one. The therapist suggested I should try to bring my feet in a parallel position from time to time and imagine a horizontal bond between the medial malleolus of my feet to obtain more stability in the ankle joints. After this session I was more aware of my walk and had the feeling as if my legs would hang more looser on my pelvis. With every step I was taking on my everyday walks I tried to feel the ground beneath my feet more consciously. At work, during my hands were treating, I also brought my attention to what my legs and feet were doing. I felt like standing safer and therefore more self-confident, too.


During the third session the tension I felt in my arms and shoulders decreased. Afterwards I tried to work with more body weight than with power to relieve my arms and hands.


Before having the fourth session the Rebalancer gave me the hint never to extend the knees backwards completely but rather slightly bend the knees. After having tried this I felt like nothing could ever unbalance me again. The treatment of the adductors helped me to gain more stability at the inner side of the legs. I felt like being more enrooted with the ground as well as being more stable concerning my emotions. Whereas in the past I tended to only stand on the left foot, I tried to stand on both feet now or at least change or stand on the right foot from time to time.


Of all those ten sessions, according to me, the fifth one was the most intensive. For many years I have wondered about having a slight belly, although the rest of my body is very slim. It was like there would be a tension pushing inside my belly ahead outwards. This tension decreased due to working on the psoas-muscle, at the same time I felt how my lower back started to relax. On the way home I noticed how my abdominal muscles worked while I was walking and feeling like being compact and stable in the centre of my body.


Since I often feel tension in my lower back when standing at the massage table because my upper torso is bent forward, I was very curious about the sixth session. My spine is a little bit scoliotic, which again and again leads to increased and one-sided tension in my back. Lying on my stomach during this session, I enjoyed the pleasant, slightly painful streaks. Afterwards I felt that my pelvis could move more freely. The whole back worked together with my legs in a better way.


During the seventh session I sensed how my facial expression and neck became more relaxed. Especially the streaks along the forehead, where I often have a frontal lobe caused by stress, led to relaxation. Lately I have been working on the computer a lot, so I was already suffering from a stiff neck and often felt like having a slight vertigo – finally I was able to let go again.


During the last three sessions my awareness of my way of walking emerged. While taking my everyday walks I let the landscape approach instead of actively going up to it. Because of the Rebalancing streaks all the areas of my body felt connected with each other and I had a feeling that my body really is a unity. During these sessions my back got another intensive treatment, which I felt was doing good.


In summary I can say the awareness of my posture while walking and standing since been having the Rebalancing Ten-Series has improved and I feel like being uprighter. With this new uprightness I perceive myself more self-confident and secure. Nowadays, when I feel insecure, I try to stand extra safe on both feet and not extend the knees too much, which makes me feel stronger and more resilient.